I made a motivational poster to motivate myself.

screw responsibilities!

This has been one hell of a crazy week!

Fact #1: I love taking photos.

Fact #2: I hate kids.

But then this week had me shooting photos of kids. God clearly has a very good sense of humor. I spent the whole week juggling through shooting decent photos, video clips, while at the same time teaching kids how to pray, putting out fistfights, preventing them from committing either suicide or manslaughter (long story), and keeping my sanity together.

And just when I thought the week was over, a friend asked me to shoot her on her debut, which I happily complied because I clearly can’t say NO (it’s a sickness, and I’m on to it). Yes, I did it for free. But the cater food was amazing so I guess that even things out.

So, I can now say that I have finally debunked the old saying that goes “Time flies when you’re having fun” because I swear that this has got to be the longest week of my life. And I did have fun. A whole huge lot of it!

But it doesn’t end there. Next week, see you CDO!

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Jackie, portrait

f22 / ISO100 / 20mm / 5”